QSocialNow, the powerful platform of social media analytics that applies technologies from Big Data to the world of networks and media, allows access to vast amounts of information offering to companies and organizations a set of analytics tools which are essential to understand how they are perceived by their customers, audience and general public.



Information in real time for decision-making

Obtain immediately all the answers about the threads that go on in social networks about your subject of interest.

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Monitoring and news analysis

It evaluates the positioning of protagonists and subjects in the digital media. Daily it classifies tens of thousands of news, generating metrics and indicators in real time.

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Dynamic Dashboards

Gather in your own dashboard the most relevant indicators to audit the variables that reflect your subjects of interest, including programming alerts.

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My reports

Browse our platform, select the metrics, indicators, maps and contents that interest you the most; and in an easy and friendly way, compose your own Analytics Report in a few minutes.

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Technical Training and Support

We offer our users all our support for the use of the whole QSocialNow potential.

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QSocialNow is composed by a computerized system developed with Big Data cutting-edge technology, with a capacity for collecting, storing and processing vast amounts of data in record time.

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About Us

Our human team, our most important capital

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Companies and institutions from the most diverse sectors use our services.

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QSocialNow, a platform designed for public and private companies and organizations. Social networks and media increase day by day their influence over companies and consumers; citizens, social organizations and governments. We are witnesses of how, in an instant, the image of a brand, the reputation of a public servant, the prestige of an organization or the acceptance or rejection of a new product or service by the market is put at stake. All this process takes place in a context where information acceleration reduces the reaction time of who might be affected or those who might

find opportunities for their own business or communication strategy. It becomes more and more necessary to count on monitoring and analytics tools that allow organizations to manage the flow of information which circulates in the networks and to rely, in real time, on the indicators which help the best decision making.
We put at your disposal our human and technological resources to respond efficiently to that need. With QSocialNow you will be able to:

Generate metrics in real timee

Rebuild tendencies for the analysis of contexts

Geolocalize threads and news

Evaluate positive and negative impacts

Analyze sentiments

Measure the virality of threads

Access to text contents

Generate alerts

Detect the emergence of new events

Elaborate your own analytics reports

In addition, QSocialNow:


Offers a very friendly web interface, simple and easy to use, to monitor, classify and analyze online threads and news, making the most of the most modern technology in semantic analysis, artificial intelligence and data collection


Possesses a platform created entirely by our computer engineers and experts on Systems, who continuously develop new algorithms and work with their customers to configure a tool according to their needs


Uses semantic analysis, collection of large amounts of information, artificial intelligence and natural language processing


Possesses a search engine that works 24 hours 365 days of the year analyzing contents with great precision based on more than 300 variables


To automation, it adds the work of a specialized human resources team


Generates easy-to-read reports and graphics


Is extremely friendly to be used to the maximum


Classifies information based on theme categories and their itemization


Is totally customizable


Allows the user a vast interactivity in order to deepen information and analysis


From any indicator points, it enables navigation to different reports, drilling down and focusing on the information of interest for the user


Makes report navigation easier allowing the user to get to the very sources of information, whether they are news from traditional media, social networks texts, blog notes or any other source.



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Real time in social network auditing
Demo Hiring
Demo Hiring

QSocial allows you to know second by second the repercussions of the event of your interest in social networks. It is a potent platform with the capacity to process millions of threads, and translate them instantly in easy-to-read metrics and indicators.

There are situations which must be detected as soon as possible in order to be able to act immediately. QSocial allows you to do any thorough follow-up at the same instant that any network-repercussion incident or event happens, among others:

Launching of a product

Emergence of a social protest

Election of a candidate

A congress, conference or seminar taking place

Emergence of an unexpected event

Release of a movie or play

A sports event taking place

A government´s announcement

QSocial is available 24 hours, 365 days of the year, and provides a simple, friendly interface, completely self-configurable.

Our platform of Social Listening allows you to collect and analyze the threads that go on in social networks and blogs within a set period of time (for example: a week, a month or a trimester) connected to brands, products, persons, organisms and/or general subjects. QSocial offers a vast variety of analytics resources thanks to the development of exclusive dictionaries and categories:

Ranking of subjects:

it presents, in order of importance, the subjects that generate the highest amount of threads in social networks, connected to the area of interest

Evolution of subjects:

it shows the variation in the level of treatment of the main subjects linked to the focus of interest, within a selected period of time

Ranking of actors:

it shows the most mentioned actors in social networks, related to the subject of interest

Evolution of the mentions of actors:

it shows the variation of the most mentioned actors ´appearance levels in social networks, connected to the subject of interest, within the selected period of time


propagation level in social networks of contents associated to the subject of interest in social networks to determine the reach of their audiences.

Amount of readers:

it shows the total and approximate amount of people who read any type of content in social networks linked to the subject of interest in a determined moment.

Evolution of the amount of readers:

it shows the total amount of persons who read any type of content in social networks related to the subject of interest within a selected period of time.

Amount of reproductions:

it shows the number of “retweets” on Twitter, as well as the “Like” and “Share” on Facebook received by the commentaries related to the subject of interest.

Evolution of the amount of reproductions:

it shows the number of “retweets” on Twitter, as well as “Like” and “Share” on Facebook received by the commentaries associated to the subject of interest within a the selected period of time.

Trending topics:

it shows the most repeated words or phrases in a specific moment on Twitter

QSocial is a powerful tool for monitoring social networks and blogs that allows companies, institutions and public figures to detect:

Positive messages:

to know what the strong points of the brand are and what the market perception is. In addition, with this tool you can identify the fans of the brand, in order to, then, create profiles of groups of interest.


to indentify weak points. This allows you to localize and rectify recurring subjects related to customer service, follow the development of problem solving and transfer learning to other channels of customer service.

Expressed needs:

social networks are a meeting point between the company and the consumers, and allow you to detect expressions of unsatisfied needs in terms of products, services and offers. In this sense, it is necessary to pay attention to terms such as “I need”, “I search”, “I want” and “recommendation”, among others.


it allows you to study the use that the competence makes of the social media.


it allows you to capture tendencies, to focus on relevant threads and to discover recurring topics.


taking the pulse of the community in face of a critical issue, to deal with it in a pre-crisis stage. It also enables you to detect emergent points of disagreement and to learn from others ‘experiences.

Influencers and detractors:

from an equation that relates amount of followers and friends with interaction level comes up this concept that allows you to identify and know the most influential persons of a brand in social networks, both in positive terms (influencers) and in negative ones (detractors). In this way, it is possible to contact them to establish a direct link with them.

QNews is a complete and versatile tool that allows you to analyze media information in broad and dynamic contexts, designing indicators based on the needs of each customer.

Our search engines, combined with the added value that a team of specialized analysts provides, allows our customers to count on a unique resource for the analysis of media and news

QNews counts on the most advanced algorithms, categorized dictionaries of thousands of protagonists and semantization resources to analyze the news, classify them and measure their positive and negative impacts.

QNews monitors media with international, national and local reach every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day.

In a simple and friendly way, the user selects the desired variables and a specific period of time to see instantly what happens with their subject of interest in the media, through graphics and maps that are easy to read and understand, and allow you to have access to the following indicators:

Media ranking:

with online newspapers and websites that most spread the subject of interest.


a map of the geographic distribution of the news analyzed according to the location of the media and the evaluation of its positive and negative impacts.

Subject ranking:

with the themes most covered by the media.

Subject evolution:

including broad periods that can be analyzed through metrics to identify tendencies.

Ranking and evolution of actor’s mentions:

it shows the protagonists most mentioned in the news analyzed and their behavior in time.

Valuation of news:

through the measure of its positive, negative and neutral impacts.

Evolution of valuation of news:

showing the variation in the treatment of the news related to the subject of interest within a determined period of time, classifying them into positive, negative and neutral ones.

Valuation of mentions and their evolution through time:

according to how a certain actor has been covered by the media, whether in a positive, negative or neutral general tone.

Access to news text,

which provides a base for the metrics, graphics and maps.


Everything you are interested
in on the same dashboard
Demo Hiring

QSocialNow offers you access to dynamic dashboards that gather the group of indicators selected as relevant for monitoring and analysis of the subjects of interest.

These dashboards group indicators whose variables come from the events that took place in social networks and, at the same time, metrics built based on news or other Internet sources. They include the generation of alerts and allow you to observe in real time the behavior of metrics and variables that are of interest.

My reports

Demo Hiring

In just minutes generate your own Analytics Report

My reports is the application of QSocialNow that offers its users the possibility of elaborating Analytics Reports based on the indicators selected at the same time you browse the platform. In a simple and friendly way, you will be able to, in just minutes, generate your own report and share it with your teamwork, highlighting the information you consider relevant for decision making at the right time. You will be able to generate three types of reports:




Technical training
and assistance

QSocialNow puts at disposal of their customers and users a team of professionals to assist them on an ongoing way, offering them, among others, the following services:

Assistance in parameterization of the hired products

Training for editing specific reports

Support for the configuration of indicators on the Real Time platform

Consulting about methodological aspects and interpretation of indicators


We support a strongly innovative dynamics

We develop and perfect the technologies that allow our users to search and analyze dealing with vast amounts of information.
Some technical characteristics of our platform:

Machine Learning

Through detection algorithms and pattern creation that work with high levels of precision.

QSocialNow creates, updates and expands its machine learning base to increase the precision of existing models and their specificity in different domains.

Big Data

Our platform is based on a technological stack that enables to distribute processing, storage and performing analytics in real time.

The separation between data gathering, processing and storage allows flexibility for different types of services and scenarios.
The constant stack technological evolution allows constant improvements when dealing with big data.

Analysis in Real Time

We prioritize the analysis in real time of all the information events in order to enable analytical capacities as soon as the event is captured.

The software architecture of this platform allows combining this need with the existence of vast amounts of data and of complex analytics, through modular construction and a distributed and scalable approach based on the customer and product hired.

Sentiment Analysis

A fundamental tool in social analytics.
Our platform adopts models of machine learning and business rules to determine the polarity (positive, negative or neutral) of each one of the captured information event, whether from social networks or from any other source of information.

Business Rules

Business rules allow incorporating knowledge complementing machine learning strategies, achieving their precision improvement as well as knowledge incorporation which would not be efficient or possible to incorporate in any other ways.

Business rules, in turn, allow a field or domain approach in order to power the products offered for the platform.

About us

Our human team, our most important capital.

We are a team with professional training in a large variety of disciplines such as engineering, information technology, communications, political science, sociology, journalism, marketing and visual arts. Each member of the QSocialNow team possesses a vast academic and career path in the areas of their specialty, with experience in organizations and companies of different fields. We are all joined together by the passion towards what we do, the capacity for teamwork and the pride of having succeeded in making of QSocialNow the most potent platform in the market.

Rafael Prieto


What is QSocialNow?

QSocialNow is the social media analytics platform that specializes in the collection and analysis of all the data that goes around cyberspace, so that organizations could know what is said about a general or particular subject (person, brand, product, company, institution, etc.), whether it is in social networks, media, institutional websites or blogs, and in this way to know what happens exactly in the market and, based on this information, make better decisions.

QSocialNow is a unique solution based on Big Data technology capable of collecting, storing and processing vast amounts of data in record time.

Why is it
a revolutionary
and innovative

Because of its characteristics, it is a unique proposal in the market since it offers:

• Tendencies in real time
• Friendly, simple, easy-to-use interface
• Customizable
• Vast interactivity to further information and analysis
• Ongoing analysis of more than 300 variables 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year
• Easy-to-read reports and graphics
• Information classification in theme categories

How is the
information analyzed
by QSocial Now presented?

QSocialNow main characteristic is to be an easy-to-use web platform, in such a way that it is not necessary to hire external analyst to be able to configure the system and interpret its data:

• It provides easy-to-interpret graphics and charts
• It is extremely friendly to be used to the maximum
• It incorporates a user´s manual to optimize the resources offered
• It updates all the time
• It allows you to create and print customized reports sorting them out by variable
• The user can browse the indictors focusing on their interests

Who should
use QSocialNow?

QSocialNow is an indispensable tool accessible to the institutions that want to launch strategies based on specific indicators. For this reason, QSocialNow is a solution that should be considered by the following sectors:

• Government
• Banks
• Technology
• Retail
• Finances
• Tourism
• Security
• Laboratories
• Industry
• Big events




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